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Music and Dance:-

The inner beauty of the child lies in his/her capacity to appreciate music, art and dance. Dance teaches us the art of body language and its expression, It is said “music and life go side by side,” man creates life through music, Music, Art and Dance provide joy and pleasure, relieve a man from all stress and duress and lend a new meaning to life. The school provides a healthy atmosphere to students to have active participation in these activities.

Art and Craft:-

Everybody has got a creative bent of mind, but all that one need is a right platform where he could exploit his latent potentials.

Sports Activity:-

We have out door sports facilities in our school.

Students Ceremony:-

Every Saturday students ceremony is organized for developing mental, educational and cultural principles in them.

Inspecting the homework of classes from nursery to class 12th.


We celebrate our National and Cultural Festivals.

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