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Direct experiences are to be the best of all the educational methods The things written in books are comprehended, most rapidly when are found in real life too. Through these experiences children establish their understanding and physical skills necessary for the development of meaningful concepts.

Motor Activities

Imparting the needed dexterity & skill at colouring, drawing and writing is a part of the curriculum requiring us to offer children a balanced environment where they learn about Indoor & Outdoor Games balance, Eye Hand Coordination and Rhythm.

General Knowledge

The thrust for knowing as much as possible has ever been a remarkable feature of human beings. Recent happenings carry utmost importance shedding the information that is quite unhandy and has got rid off all it's vitality in today's context. Thus being continuously updated remains the constant demand of time.

Concept At Writing

Calligraphy is the skill depicting the personality in real terms. At SMS children are to confront a continuously upgrading curriculum leading them towards the summit of this art. For beginners different line concepts are endorsed, for K.G. class students methods are sought needing cursive hand movements to the letters requiring relatively more difficult strokes.

Creative Arts

Learning the most while playing exists as the prime cause behind making students explore new ways of thinking, of creating and communicating with image as well as with words while drawing, painting and shaping objects. Capitalizing this philosophy at SMS a phased programme has been evolved taking care of the potential of kids as they forwardize their education.

Concept At Mathematics

Problem solving, number usage and practical application of initial number concepts are developed into a programme teaching them meaningful experience. Hands on Exploration, Active Investigation and the use of Manipulatives are provided a shape of an Enriched Programme.

Extracurricular activities

Academics lies at the core of one's education meeting a great support of activities that are not a part of the curriculum for developing the kids into a well rounded individuals experiencing friendship, competition, leadership and teamwork. It signifies dancing in the annual function, taking part in different celebrations. Educational experience is never complete without sharing the feelings and experiences such as love, laughter and tears.


The curriculum comprises mathematics, language arts, environmental studies and general knowledge being assisted by a pondered attention towards music, art & physical education.

Environmental Studies

The less the no. of books the less the burden on young roses resulting into the kids of versatile personality grasping the maximum forms the main policy of SMS. Signifying the above written in place of social studies and science only environmental studies is nurtured. The social study part helps children develop understanding of themselves as individuals, as members of various groups within sociey and as members of a global Community. First graders deal with exploration the family unit for second, third and fourth grade SMS designs the curriculum providing a conceptual framework for observing different/cultures and rituals.
The science curriculum revolves around the world of plants and animals in their varying habitats. The concepts regarding human anatomy are too epitomised.

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