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We Provide following Courses

  •   Accounting, Taxation and Finance Professional (16 Months with 9 Certifications)

Section I - (Smart Accounts Executive)
2) Manual Accounting
4) TexSoft
5) Spoken English

Section II (Taxation Professional)
1) Industry wise Accounting
2) Advance Accountancy (With Costing and Auditing Basics)
3) Commercial and Company Law with payroll Management
4) Direct Taxation, Indirect Taxation (I.Tax, VAT, Service Tax, Excise Duty, Wealth Tax)
5) E-Taxation (With Compu Tax, KDK Softwares and Department Official Sites)

Section III (Financial Professional)
1) Personal Finance Management (Beginners Module, NSE Certification with RKCL)*
2) Banking
3) Investment and Portfolio Management (Capital Market or Derivative Market Modules)
4) Import and Export Management
5) Insurance and Savings Planning and Management
6) Mutual Funds AMFI Module Training (Advisors Module)

*Modules by Authorised RKCL ITGK Swastika Education CODE 22290001

  •   Marketing and Finance Professional Program (1 Year with 7 certifications)

Section I - Basic Skill Development Program (6 Months)
1) RSCIT *
with Advance Excel, Internet and Powerpoint Presentations training
2) Spoken English
3) Communication, Marketing, Selling Skills and PD
4) Advertising, Marketing and Promotional Techniques and analysis

*Modules by Authorised RKCL ITGK Swastika Education CODE 22290001

Section II - Financial and Non Financial Services and Products Selling (6 Months)
1) Personal Finance Management*
2) Telecom Marketing
3) Automobile (Two Wheelers and Four Wheelers) Marketing
4) Banking, Deposits and Savings Products Marketing, Various Loans and Finance (Car, Vehicle, Personal, Gold, Mortgage etc….)
5) Equity Market and Mutual Funds Products Marketing
6) Insurance (Life, General and Health Insurance) Marketing
7) IT, Electronics, Home Appliances Marketing
8) Field Training and Analysis and Practical Approach

*Modules by Authorised RKCL ITGK Swastika Education CODE 22290001

  •   Certificate in Office Management and Automation (1 Year with 7 Certifications)

1) RSCIT *
2) Manual Accounting
3) RSCFA (Tally ERP 9) *
4) Personal Financial Management *
5) Spoken English & Communication Skills (Cert - SmartTalk, Chandigarh)
6) Basic Hardware (Cert - GT Gyan Kendra Jaipur)
7) DTP (Coral Draw and Photoshop Basics) and web designing basics *

*Modules by Authorised RKCL ITGK Swastika Education CODE 22290001

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