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  •   Science Education

Science education is a process of helping students to explore and investigate their world in a scientific way, and construct scientific understandings that are relevant and useful. We provide Chemistry Lab, Bio Lab & Maths Lab. The courses offered at the school provide a solid background for students intending to further their education in the Sciences, so that they can enter vocations where applying scientific principles and knowledge is necessary.
Science can not be disconnected from the lives of the students. Learning contexts and teaching strategies need to take into account cultural background, gender, special needs and the abilities of all students. The Science Department aims to provide an environment for learning which can:

  • Enrich students with knowledge and skills that help them.
  • Make sense of the World that surrounds them. Engage students in cognitive reasoning and concept.
  • Formulation based upon scientific principles to assist them develop existing ideas.
  • Challenge students to develop and apply concepts and skills to new situations that help promote scientific understanding.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the teaching programme and the progression of learning.


  •   Mathematics

The teaching covers the following areas of Maths: Numbers and the number system Calculations Solving problems/Real life problems Handling data Measures shape and space Our provision develops the mathematical understanding of all children by extending their knowledge of concepts and their use of skills.
We aim to enable children to be able to think logically, identify relationships between numbers and be able to use mathematics in a variety of situations. Where possible this work is related to real life situations. They discuss and present their methods and reasoning using a wider range of mathematical language, diagrams and charts.
Children work in ability groups and are taught to develop their thinking skills in order to solve problems. These skills include reasoning, enquiry, evaluating and processing information. The learning of number facts, including multiplication tables, is actively promoted too.

  •   Geography

The children investigate a variety of people, places and environments at different scales in the United Kingdom and abroad, and start to make links between different places in the world. They find out how people affect the environment and how they are affected by it. They carry out geographical enquiry inside and outside the classroom. In doing this they ask geographical questions, and use geographical skills and resources such maps, atlases, aerial photographs and ICT. Art & Design.
The children develop their creativity and imagination through a range of activities. These help to build on their skills and improve their control of materials, tools and techniques. They increase their critical awareness of the roles and purposes of art, craft and design in different times and cultures. They become more confident in using visual and tactile elements and materials and processes to communicate what they see, feel and think.

  •   Spoken English

The most comprehensive device to combat all the hurdles arising in the way of success is known to be the Spoken English enticing almost every Indian to get subdued by it’s aura. In this rapidly vastening phase of the globalised world it becomes a must for a kid to come over all the reservations & strangeness to the word ”English” in its both the forms spoken and written.
At SMS for the accomplishment of this task a completely forwarding natured grammar is sought that assists the students in utilising their own brain for the synthesization of the sentences built in English facilitating them in speaking as well. A web in terms of an alround environment of Spoken English is framed at the school that unconsciously the kids keep getting penetra through the commands and sentences being delivered in English. It is learnt best at SMS kids are alike blank cassettes willing to embrace what ever is fed to them provided the served material contains some proper sequence of events just as what we have.
At SMS it is believed instead of cramming the worthless lessons if a systematized grammatical package is provided to students the day is not so far when even kids of nine speak in English. Parents play the most significant role helping kids perceive the stuff fed by school in fulfilling the ultimate goal of any school ”Enriched Education”.
How ridiculous it seems snatching the right from these vital role players, of being in a continuous touch with the school while they can provide a platform standing where the kid finds learning the easiest ever task to be done. Exploiting this notion at SMS parents are ever supposed and compelled tc keep providing the needed information of their, children. At every Annual Function parents an to lake part in different cultural activities specifically meant for them creating their, interest too in the school. General awareness quiz and one minute shows take place assessing their updation and agility.

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