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Did you know that a child develops 90% of its adult brain by the age of 10?

At Lotus-de we have designed our entire learning based on this. We believe in putting the well being of the child first and giving him opportunities to develop his skills at his own pace under the guidance of our most efficient faculties and best learning method.

We believe that a child must be nurtured so as to arouse his curiosity and enthusiasm for learning. We aspire to create a well-balanced, confident and happy child and provide a strong foundation so that he can face the challenges ahead.

With this in mind, Lotus-de brings to you the best in child development via our various activities, which promote physical fitness, socialization, creative expression and much more.

At Lotus-de the learning activities are designed and equipped to convene the exclusive needs of children in each apposite age group. Above and beyond this, our vast resource team   gives us a prospect to exchange enormous knowledge and to bring in the best learning assistance.

Children constantly need to play, have fun and discover the environment. In our activity center, we believe a happy child is a child that is stimulated by music and artistic activities, can express him-self through physical activity, interact with other children and find many different ways to have fun. We have activities to help your child grow into a well-balanced and happy child.