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Arunodaya Public School
Established in 2000

Keeping in concern the publicity and awareness of education and co-curricular activities among common masses, the institution was established to inculcate nation building principles and values in the future of the country, i.e, the present generation. The school aims at introducing the students towards new forms of elementary education and thus providing a strong base as their initial milestone.


Our aim is to produce students having aura on their faces, physical strength, mental alertness, intellectual wisdom, self dependent, true hearts and punctuality along with inscription of lively inspirational stories of Prahlad. Just watching them makes the memories of great men alive. The purity of these souls will continue to ignite the touch of national integrity and love among the upcoming generations. Along with this, for the all round development of the students, the institution looks forward to inherit in them the ancient cultural principles via culture oriented educational system .We aim at production of students with whose responsible and honest works. The Country prospers along with the making of obedient citizens who stand out from the common public. The institution helps in providing ethical and character based qualities to those students keeping in view the advanced technological education system.