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Bright Future International School

 Principal ‘s Message

Education should not be restricted to the narrow limits of just teaching a curriculum. It should aim at empowering the young generation of the country to cope up with and enable them to face future challenges of life. We, at B.F.I.S aim to improve knowledge in such a way where the kids imbibe it spontaneously rather than learning it forcibly. School should be a place of joy, a temple of knowledge and a home away from home for the children. 

The pre-school years for a child are the most crucial, where they have to accept the transition of getting out of their home comfort and entering a totally new environment. This comfort is given at B.F.I.S. Where education is not only about learning but gaining experiences in life. We aspire for the all round development of a child by helping them realize their capabilities to their fullest potential.

We believe that “correction does much but encouragement impacts more”. We emphasize on the physical, emotional and spiritual development keeping in mind the rich Indian cultural heritage and the ever changing future.

The sincere committed effort of our teachers and their loving, caring attitude towards children help to create a homely environment where in they feel comfortable and protected.

 We do believe that :

·        All Children are learners and they learn maximum through play.

·        Students, parents, Teacher and the community share the responsibility for education .

·        Learning is a life long process.

         At B.F.I.S. , learning extends beyond academics and satisfaction lies in helping your children develop to their full potential.


                                                                                                                                                             Yours Sincerely

                                                                                                                                                              Yasmeen Bano




  1.  To provide an environment  where a child will be developed  physically and mentally , thus resulting  into an all round personality.
  2. With world  turning into a global village , the school aims to prepare the child for being a strong and committed member of future society.

  3. To inculcate the belief in all round excellence in children by providing  highly  qualified modern  teaching techniques and tools and also by organizing  intensive extra-curricular activities &  sports.

  4. To provide excellent support  at pry nursery level so that children have a good foundation at level of higher classes.  


 School Hours & Timing



      8:30 AM-1:30 PM 


      9:15 AM-2:00 PM

                 L.K.G. to VIII


      7:45 AM-1:30 PM 




Scholarships and Awards

Scholarship & various award are available to the brilliant student.



Syllabus of any class can be changed without any notice if is required to be changed for the reason of modification in the interest of students or as per directions of education department. 



The academic session begins from 1 April & ends on 31 March every year.


Examination Pattern

To gauge development & performance of child continuous monitoring shall be done and at   Nursery , L .K. G. &  U. k. G. Levels , grades & appraisals  shall be done on the basis of internal assessment and observations of the teacher and also on  the basis of terminal examination which are held twice a year.

For higher classes continuous comprehensive   Evaluation is done. In CCE  besides two summative assessments, two or four pen paper tests are conducted in each academic session, Also in classes I to VI various CCE activities conducted form part of the formative assessment the final result are bases on the aggregate marks.