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  • We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.
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S.D.A Senior Secondary School
Director's Message to World

"If you do not know where you are going, no road will get you there....."

S.D.A Senior Secondary School, (English Medium) is dedicated to the task of developing in the children a personality that bears the mark of excellence, a personality that is the result of the perfect integration and co-ordination of body, mind and soul. It educates to send into the world “a man who will not be bought or sold, who in his soul is true and honest, who does not fear to call sin by its right name, man whose conscience is as true to duty as the needle to the hole, man who will stand for the right though the heaven falls.”

The need for such means is the greatest need of our country and S.D.A Senior Secondary School ardently strive to impart such education.

Director's Message to Students

Student’s life usually lasts up to about twenty one years of age. This is the best and the most important period of your life, then you will have to ready to shoulder the responsibility of a family, society and country too. The academy will attempt to help you to be ready for the job, therefore participate in the different school activities and duties.

  • Good habits make life sweet. So, form good habits now.
  • One reaps as one sows. If you want to enjoy the sweet fruits of the tree of the life, plant a sweet Life-Tree.
  • Man is known by the company he keeps. Avoid undesirable company at all time.
  • Be prepared, as time and tide waits for none. Be regular and diligent in your studies.
  • Always try to be courteous and respectful with every one everywhere. Your best behavior stands witness to the highest and noblest virtues of your family.
  • Observe the school rules with a gay and honest heart.
  • For your difficulties or problems see the principal with an open and frank heart.
  • Be honest in Thought, Speech and Action.
Director's Message to Parents and Guardians

Our children are our valuable possession. It is therefore our pious duty to take pains to cooperate in their proper development at home, school and in the society.

A request :
  • Help them to be regular and punctual in school.
  • Send them to school in school uniform.
  • Impress upon them that they should behave politely and courteously at home, school and in the society.
  • Help them to form good habits.
  • Guide and help them in their studies.
  • Encourage them to develop the best qualities of head, heart and hands by taking Part in school activities.
  • Your loving care and guidance will make their life pleasant and bright at school.
About the School

The school foundation was laid in 1974. After 37 years of dedicated services. We are proud to say we stand as a milestone. It is one of the oldest English Medium School in Bhilwara City. Later various schools across the city opened but none provides the real insight exact standards of education as we do.

The school is spread in a vast stretch of 3 acre land.

Year 1999-2000 was celebrated as silver jubilee year of the school.

Salient Features of the School :-

SINCERE to impart based knowledge.
DEDICATED in the mission of Practice, Persistence and Performance.
ADORABLE in unceasing hard work to find hidden treasures within education.