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Steward Morris School

A’S Steward Morris School is a Co-Educational C.B.S.E. Affiliated Senior Secondary School. Every parent desires to enroll his child in academic institution that boasts of a progressive educational system. A school is a place that not only teaches the child, but also helps him/her grow and evolve into a world class citizen.

A's Steward Morris School has become synonymous with the overall development of children. We promote the intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual development of every student. Its curriculum is a combination of traditional values, modern education, sports, performing arts and social service. We offer quality education from playgroup to Class XII.

A’S Steward Morris School is situated at Pathik Nagar and New Irans areas of Bhilwara. At Pathik Nagar campus of school, classes PlayGroup, Nursery, Kinder Garten, & Preparatory are conducted. Primary, Middle, Secondary & Senior Secondary classes are accommodated at Irans branch of the school. Irans branch is spread in 5.3 bighas with a constructed area more than 60000 sq.ft. for class rooms & other facilities & remaining area is stuffed with lush green playgrounds for all sporting and other Extra-Curricular activities.

Apart from its academic refinement initiatives, A's Steward Morris School organizes several cultural and sports activities. The school aims at imparting quality education and sharpening the logical thinking and reasoning ability of each & every student.

From The Director’s Desk

The motto of the institution is to create academic excellence and to nurture the attributes of the personality developing self confidence and a good character. An environment is sought to be created that is learning, challenging & supportive being assisted by a talented and diligent faculty. For the all-round development of the child & an inception of dexterity at all spheres of life, the institution fosters an amalgamation of hand in hand Extra-Curricular activities with the academic curriculum. An atmosphere of mutual trust and respect is all set facilitating a proper interaction between teachers and students. As parental attention plays the pivotal role in the wholesome all-round development of the child, without your cooperation we can't assure you of a good education and the fulfillment of the school motto. Healthy and positive suggestions are always welcome with a great pleasure.

Concept Development

At SMS ideology relies on the undisputed "assumption that the best course of action to teach kids is to provide them learning through playing hands on activities and to facilitate thorough interaction with others. The teaching of concepts is had using Computers, Songs, Games & a plethora of Hands on Experiences enabling the kids to have their own image regarding the world around them.